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The World Bank Group’s Transport and ICT Global Practice (T&I GP) seeks to improve virtual and physical connectivity of developing countries to promote economic and social development. To serve our clients, the T&I GP offers comprehensive financial and technical assistance solutions. This includes the entire range of financial instruments (loans, zero to low-interest credits, grants, and guarantees), the facilitation of financing through trust fund partnerships with bilateral and multilateral donors, reimbursable advisory services, and comprehensive knowledge offerings. T&I manages an active World Bank portfolio of $ 39 billion.
The Practice is led by a Senior Director and two Directors. Each region of the Bank has a Practice Manager, who leads the global practitioners working mostly in that region. The global practice model seeks to draw that best expertise available within the Bank to help clients address their challenges. Therefore, while practitioners work primarily in on region, they are expected to support operations in other regions and to seek support from the entire practice. Global knowledge is organized through five Global Solutions Groups (GSGs) and ten Communities of Practice (CoPs). The Railways CoP regularly engage with its 40+ members to keep them informed about the developments in rail operations, knowledge and trends in policy making. The community follows the Bank’s program on railways closely and provides support to staff working towards effective railways for sustainable growth through supporting reforms, developing rail within multimodal networks, and providing and leveraging financing for investment. To execute our work program, T&I has also established important partnerships inside and outside the WBG, including with other international organizations, the private sector, and civil society.

Junior Professional Officer (m/f) - Transport and Digital Development Global Practice
Location: Washington, D.C., Duration: Two-year term appointment
Application Deadline: June 6th 2018

Duties and responsibilities

The Transport and Digital Development Global Practice (GTDDR) is looking for a Junior Professional Officer (JPO) to work in the Railways Community of Practice (CoP) and on rail operations in client countries. Activities will include:
• developing and disseminating global knowledge on railways: The Railways CoP is in the process of producing the second edition of “Railway Reform: A Toolkit for Rail Sector Improvement”. The JPO will help with this activities and others that support teams with global knowledge gathering, analysis and dissemination.
• supporting the preparation and supervision of projects in India, China and other countries

  • Project Preparation: Support task teams in project identification, design and preparation by: (i) reviewing with clients the results of feasibility studies, technology choice studies, cost-effectiveness analyses and implementation reports; (ii) supporting the development of economic and financial analysis of project investments and programs; (iii) helping to assess implementation capacity of project implementation counterparts and supporting institutions/agencies;  and (iv) assisting in the development of appropriate benchmarks/indicators and establishing project assessment and monitoring frameworks to assess progress and outcomes; This will include collecting and analyzing data (statistics and operational performance), undertaking background research, reviewing reports and technical documents, and contributing to the aide-memoire.
  • Project Supervision: Participating in implementation support missions or, for less complex projects, independently undertaking visits to projects, and programs under implementation to ensure implementation quality and timeliness and consistency with project objectives. These missions cover financial, disbursement, procurement, social and environmental guidelines and agreements typical of World Bank supported projects/programs.

• Client and Stakeholder Network: Coordinate/participate as part of the World Bank’s team at national forums, workshops and conferences focusing on infrastructure issues. The selected candidate will form part of a network of public and private sector professionals to expand the World Bank’s dialogue on railways worldwide.
• support for ongoing research and analytical activities in railways, including a study on lessons from High Speed Rail in China and benchmarking study in Thailand
• support for preparing presentations and workshops, in particular using PowerPoint presentations and Excel graphic tools
• other specific activities as deemed necessary

The JPO will be based in the World Bank’s headquarters on a two-year appointment. She/He will report to the Leader of the Railways Community of Practice, Transport and ICT. Her/His activities will be identified with the Practice Manager, and adjusted based on business needs. She/He is expected to contribute to the preparation and supervision of Bank financed operations and knowledge products. She/He will also liaise and work from other global practices and cross-cutting solutions areas, as relevant, and ensure appropriate collaboration and partnership between Government, the World Bank Group, and other international and bilateral organizations involved in transport.
The selected candidate will not be assigned to programs involving his/her own government such as donor coordination and trust fund management.

Selection criteria

• minimum of a Master’s degree in civil/transport engineering, or transport planning, or transport economics or related fields
• at least 2 years of relevant professional railway experience including knowledge and/or investment project management in railways
• strong research and analytical skills in one or more technical areas within railways, such as regulation, policy, construction management, safety, financing, or logistics
• demonstrated analytical skills as applied to common problems in the railway sector
• understanding of the relationship of technical and operational choices on economic effects and decisions
• strong organizational skills, as well as the ability to prioritize tasks and ensure timely completion of tasks under pressure
• enthusiasms for and ability to work in teams
• strong communication (written and oral) and interpersonal skills
• computer literacy in basic software for word processing, spreadsheet, and database
• excellent communication skills, including writing and presentation skills in English
• field experience in developing countries is a plus


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