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Sustainable environment and natural resources management (ENRM) is key to the WBG's poverty, shared prosperity and sustainability agenda. Natural resources assets constitute a key social safety net of the poor, representing a food bank and often their only source of livelihood. Sustainable ENRM promotes a green, clean, and resilient world where natural resources – from forests to fisheries, freshwater, oceans, coastal zones and ecosystems – are managed to support livelihoods and strong, climate-resilient economies. Sustainable ENRM builds a world better prepared for shocks and global challenges, helping countries limit their exposure to resource scarcity, more-volatile weather patterns, and the importantly, long-term consequences of climate change.

The Environment & Natural Resources (ENR) Global Practice (GP) has been set-up to deliver on the opportunities, benefits and outcomes offered by enhanced management of the environment and natural resources and in addressing climate change. The ENR GP has close to 330 operations under management, representing close to $ 7 billion, and a growing pipeline of new investments under active development. The practice consists of some 303 staff across the world plus numerous other staff in other Practices and CCSAs that are professionally associated with it.

The Environment & Natural Resources Global Practice has three broad and distinct functions:
1. Provides clients with lending and non-lending services aimed to support the GP’s three core business lines, namely: (i) Forests, Watersheds and Sustainable Landscapes; (ii) Marine, Coastal and Aquatic Resources; and (iii) Pollution Management and Environmental Health. The GP’s activities include a strong focus on Green and Resilient Growth, including through its important work on Climate Change (focal GP on climate change in East Asia), on environmental economics and support to institutional development.
2. Supports effective environmental risk management and sustainability by managing risk at the project level and creating opportunities to advance sustainable development, in part through the implementation of the Bank’s environmental policies.
3. Works closely with other sectors, including by leveraging partnerships and different sources of financing, to mainstream environmental considerations into their policies, strategies, and operations.

ENRM including climate change activities in East Asia and the Pacific accounts for a substantial part of the ENR Global Practice’s business:
• delivery of several operations per year, amounting to about $ 200 to 500 million annually
• an active dialogue on regional issues, such as climate change, coastal and marine economies, improving governance of natural resources, watershed management, pollution management, and wealth accounting and valuation of ecosystem services
• about 61 active projects in the portfolio, amounting to around $ 1.8 billion

A characteristic of the Bank program in the region is a good level of decentralization.

Regional Context
The East Asia and Pacific (EAP) Region presents a dramatic illustration of the global dynamics, opportunities and risks of the 21st century, in particular in a changing climate. After making the fastest progress in growth and poverty reduction of any region around the world in the last fifteen years, some countries in the region are poised to become middle-income, and some are preparing to join the small group of high-income countries. Such a rapid transformation is leading to the largest shift in rural-to-urban population in human history, generating rising inequality within and across countries, leaving individuals and regions behind in the dash for prosperity. Meanwhile, the uncertainty in the advanced economies clouds the prospects for countries across the region which are being forced to adjust to changed growth and development prospects while addressing evolving impacts on macroeconomic stability, employment and sustainability.

Junior Professional Officer (m/f) - Environment and Natural Resources Management Global Practice, East Asia and Pacific Region
Location: Washington, D.C., Duration: Two-year term appointment
Application Deadline: June 6th 2018

Duties and responsibilities

The candidate will play a key role in contributing to a team to develop and manage operations, share knowledge and coordinate ENR engagements in client countries, with a focus on South East Asia, in particular the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos, and could also actively contribute or lead regional and sub-regional activities. The responsibilities will include contribution to the preparation and implementation of operations, working with task team leaders based in Washington, D.C., and in countries. The candidate will be a full task team member, is expected to participate in field missions, and to benefit from both the interaction with more senior staff, and her/his contribution to operational and analytical work (lending and non lending).
The overall work program will have a focus on one of several areas of priority of the Practice in South East Asia with a priority on climate change and pollution management:
• contribute to the development of new Bank operations (combining various sources of financing including International Development Association - IDA, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development - IBRD, Global Environment Facility – GEF and other Trust Funds (e.g., Green Climate Fund – GCF; Nordic Development Fund – NDF; NDC-Partnership), both from Bank’s Headquarter and in field visits to countries, by providing assistance to their identification and preparation with client countries
• contribute to project implementation support through performance supervision of specific projects; subsequently providing technical advice and supporting client countries, especially in the fields of climate change and pollution management. Support implementation and monitoring of climate change commitments under the EAP Climate Change Business Plan.
• undertake research for the development of new operations, analytical work and analyze data to enhance understanding of linkages between climate change, and economic development, poverty reduction and gender balance
• draft relevant Bank-project and Analytical work cycle’s documentation (e.g. sector contribution to Systematic Country Diagnostic, Country Partnership Framework, Project Concept Notes, Project Appraisal Documents, Implementation Support Reports, and Implementation Completion Reports), documents related to missions (e.g. Announcement Letters, Statement of Mission Objectives, Aide-Mémoire, Back-to-Office reports) and others, as relevant
The selected candidate will not be assigned to programs involving his/her own government such as donor coordination and trust fund management.

Selection criteria

▪ mnimum: Master’s Degree with at least two years of experience including the preparation of analytical activities, policy analysis, project preparation and supervision
▪ appropriate knowledge, experience and technical background related to pollution management, climate change, environmental policy and institutions and sustainability aspects in some of the key areas of economic activity with significant environmental implications (i.e. water supply and sanitation, water resource management, energy, transport, urban development, natural disaster management, and agriculture and rural development)
▪ understanding of the environmental regulatory and institutional framework supporting climate change and pollution management action in East Asian countries would be an advantage
▪ strong organizational, research, analytical and oral presentation skills
▪ good understanding of the project cycle and operations, good understanding and experience of project management, practices and procedures desirable
▪ proven ability to work in a team and intercultural environment
▪ hands-on and action-oriented approach
▪ computer literate (e.g., Microsoft Office) essential
▪ excellent oral and written communication skills in English
▪ enthusiasm for and commitment to development work
▪ willing to travel regularly in EAP countries
▪ field experience in developing countries would be a plus


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