Psychometric Testing

Discover talents, identify development potentials

In a job interview, the question about your own strengths and weaknesses is arguably the most common one and, at the same time, the most dreaded one. Let's be honest: Who really knows one's one talents and difficulties and can pinpoint them? However, in choosing a job and planning a career, it is crucial to be able to assess one's qualifications properly and act accordingly. A job which allows you to make use of your own talents will be more enjoyable and easier to accomplish.

Content and goals

Using our Psychometric Testing, you will discover your strength and development potentials. Your talents and difficulties will be identified in a testing process and will be analysed in detail in a subsequent individual feedback session. Realising what your talents are will offer you a significant advantage in the application process: Things you can do easily are usually things you do well.


The Psychometric Testing is based on a 4-hour written exam, which comprises intelligence as well as personality tests. Once the results have been evaluated, approximately one week later, you will have an individual feedback session, which takes about 30 minutes. The test will be conducted by a psychologist of the Vienna Medical University.


Psychometric Testing is available in German.


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102,-- Euro for students and graduates of WU.
162,-- Euro for students of another university or technical college.

The prices quoted are not subject to VAT.


After you register, you will get a confirmation showing the terms of registration and participation. The fee for this counselling service is payable in advance. Please note that you will be charged for appointments that are not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance!

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