Meet your Job

You are looking for a shortcut in your job search? Would you like to apply in a convenient, efficient, and easy fashion? Maybe even have several job interviews in one day and in one location - with various companies and for different positions?
If so, our recruiting event Meet your Job is exactly what you want!

Why Meet your Job is an exciting opportunity for you

  • Home advantage: at Meet your Job, employers move their HR offices to WU. First job interviews are held here in the LC building for specific entry-level positions as well as sometimes internships.
  • Easy application: to apply, you only need your CV. We are your letter of motivation and will forward your CV directly to the employers (you can also select which ones not to send it to). The result: one application - ideally several interviews.
  • New perspectives: stop compartmentalising, the job market has so much to offer once you leave WU. Definitely also a range of jobs you hadn’t even considered yet. Let go and take that journey to your new job!

This is for you if

  • you are ready for your next job (even if you will only graduate in the next few months).
  • you want to get straight to your job, since we make it a point to shorten the application phase. The next step will be a talk at the company.
  • you know your goal and want us to support you on your way there.
Blog Special: Meet your Job

You are looking for tips to prepare for Meet your Job or want to know what the experience was like for others? Then check out the new special on our Blog*!

*Content is only available in German.