Always a step ahead: the Online Classroom gives you an edge in know-how for your application, and helps you prepare.

From inputs on how to draft your CV to typical questions in a job interview: we have gathered information for you to help you prepare efficiently for the application process. 

Still: each CV is different. Send us an email at office(at)zbp(dot)at and we will arrange a consultation - if needed, via (online) call.

Our magazines & guidebooks

Career Magazine "Study & Work"
Karrieremagazin "Study & Work"

In our fall edition you will find, among other things: Experience reports on job entry, tips on self-management as well as internship and part-time job opportunities from our partner companies.

Content only available in German.

Karrieremagazin "Job entry & Traineeships"
Karrieremagazin "Job entry & Traineeships"

Trainee program - yes or no? First day in a new job? Our spring issue provides helpful information on these topics and more.

Content in German, with a brief English summary in the back.

Karrieremagazin "Gehalt" ("Salary")

In this issue, you will find interviews, valuable tips and more on the subject of salary.

Content in German, with a brief English summary in the back.

Applying in Austria

Find answers to questions such as: What do Austrian companies expect of business graduates? What does an Austrian résumé look like? How can you actually get access to the Austrian labor market?