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From inputs on how to draft your CV to typical questions in a job interview: we have gathered information for you to help you prepare efficiently for the application process. 

Still: each CV is different. Send us an email at office(at)zbp(dot)at and we will arrange an online consultation. Because CV checks and more can very easily be carried out via (online) call.

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Our magazines & guidebooks

"Wir sind WU" ("We are WU")

Our summer issue touches on various topics surrounding WU.

Content only available in German.

"KMU vs Konzern" ("SME vs Corporation")

Are you a "corporate person" or rather the "family business" type? Find out in this issue

Content in German, with a brief English summary in the back.

Career Magazine "Praktikum" ("Internship")

In this issue, you will find valuable tips and experiences on the subject of internships.

Content in German, with a brief English summary in the back.

Applying in Austria

Find answers to questions such as: What do Austrian companies expect of business graduates? What does an Austrian résumé look like? How can you actually get access to the Austrian labor market?