Assessment Centre

Targeted practice - successful performance

Assessment centres are commonly used in selection procedures for positions for university graduates. Stated goal: watching applicants in as authentic a setting as possible over a longer period of time to experience their behaviour in various, sometimes stressful situations. By using a wide range of exercises, some of which have to be solved alone while others require group efforts, the skills and competences of participants will be uncovered.

Content and goals

The "Assessment Centre" seminar will present you with typical tasks that may come up in an assessment centre. It offers you the chance to take on the role of a participant and experience first-hand what challenges you may have to face. Besides practising various situations, however, our experts will also share with you the criteria companies apply in analysing the tasks.


The seminar will be held by one of our experts.

Contents (4.5 hours):

  • What types of assessment centres are there?
  • What tasks are common: Self-presentation, role play, group discussion, case study
  • What do the observers watch out for?
  • Practise, practise, practise


The seminar will be held in German.


60.-- Euro for students and graduates of WU.
108,-- Euro for students and graduates of another university or technical college.

The prices quoted are not subject to VAT.


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Maximum number of participants

4-6 participants

Target group

Students at the end of their studies and graduates.



After you register, you will get a confirmation showing the terms of registration and participation. The fee for this seminar is payable in advance. Please note that you will be charged for appointments that are not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance!

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