Let’s get that job!

Whether it’s during or after your studies: We support students of WU and other business universities as they start their first internships or full-time positions and help employers find new employees. We see ourselves as a strong partner in finding those jobs, equipped with a healthy dose of “pafession” - a blend of “PAssion” and “proFESSION”:

  • Diversity – we welcome everyone! From business (law) students in their first semester to graduates changing jobs for the first time. From start-ups to global players. We do not count ECTS credits or impose any club rules.
  • Expertise our career advisors are HR professionals with extensive work experience and/or coaching training. We know how application and recruiting 4.0. work.
  • Hub – we create space for contacts and networks. Because we know employers and the applicant community of business graduates like no one else.
  • Fairness – each job has its value. This is why we publish exclusively fairly paid internships and job offers and pay close attention to the compliance with legal standards.
  • Efficiency – all our employees are experts in their fields, and we guarantee that the right person deals with each case. Personally, individually, and efficiently.
  • Passion – we love what we do! We celebrate our joint successes and find solutions if we suffer setbacks.

We know that each CV, each study, and each job is unique and individual. There is no magic formula for finding jobs or employees. This is why job seekers and employers receive from us exactly what they need NOW.

We will take you one (career) step further.

Our team bridges the gap between students and company representatives. We rely on direct contact and offer students and employers efficient and long-term support. 
We are Austria’s biggest career center. And we keep our promises - for more than 30 years now.

Ursula Axmann and Heike Schreiner, Management